Charismatic, inspiring talks with great visuals and actionable worksheets for attendees.

"Entrepreneurship Means" presentation, Chicago, 2018


Joseph Martin has worked in the creative industry for 17 years gaining experience in design, marketing, and leadership. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is passionate about building real-world communities and improving corporate culture. In addition to Pikaia Digital and the Q, he is an active voice in Chicago. He has served as a judge & mentor for Google Startup Weekend events, while also overseeing students through DePaul University's entrepreneurship program.

He has worked on projects for McDonald’s, Microsoft, Cars.com, and Anheuser-Busch among other corporations and small businesses. His ideas on experience design have been featured in the Observer, Website Magazine, and paved the way for speaking opportunities locally and internationally. Outside of the office Joseph enjoys playing hockey, performing music, and traveling to work with food tours around the world.


  • Doubled the revenue and scaled a web agency to 8 employees in just 2 years
  • Hosted a 2.5hr workshop on user personas at the 2017 Global Food Tourism Conference in Montréal
  • Bootstrapped a SaaS product that sold just 6 months after launch in 2016.
  • Created The Entrepreneur's Workshop, now a 2,200+ community of Chicago Entrepreneurs
  • Commencement speaker to more than 1,600 at The Illinois Institute of Art for Chicago, Tinley Park and Schaumburg 2017 Graduation Ceremony
  • Created the Q, an app that helps build real world communities
  • Mentor and judge for Google Startup Weekend Events

Institutional Dean of Student Affairs at The Art Institute - Chicago

"You were amazing. Everyone is singing your praises for the address you gave. Students loved it. Many went on and on about the visual presentation."

- Keith Kramer

Vice President of Training

"Joe was very passionate and his natural charisma shined through. Loved that he knew the material like the back of his hand, and insane credibility to navigating that huge slide deck flawlessly."

- Vince Carone

Author and CEO of Branded World

"Joe did a terrific job presenting. Made it interactive, and provided free resources for attendees to take action. The talk really resonated with me and helped me get clear ideal for my business."

- Benjamin Warsinske

Available for conferences and events

I take events seriously and make an effort to be a part of the event rather than speaking and disappearing. You can expect me to engage with attendees before, during and after the event.

I generally speak on leadership, marketing, and team culture with my overarching goal to provide key takeaways attendees can implement with minimal effort. My talks are reinforced with references to industry trends, knowledge leaders, and pop culture.

You are allowed to record my talk, take photos, and distribute amongst your membership. I will also provide you with the slides from my presentation which you can make available to your team.

Traveling, preparing, and interacting with guests takes time. While I would love to take every opportunity, I can only work with those that cover a minimum of travel and lodging costs.

Your attendees expect a great event, I will do my part to help create that event. My unique presentation style keeps audiences engaged with multiple slides per minute, beautiful imagery, and succinct messaging. I do not pitch my services from stage and will always treat every interaction with respect knowing that I represent your company.

I look forward to meeting with you, your team, and those involved in providing a successful event.

Let's make this work

  1. Email me@hijoemartin.com with your event info and dates.
  2. We’ll plan for a 30 minute call to help me learn more about the event and how I might fit in.
  3. If things look good, we’ll coordinate travel and lodging information.
  4. I’ll announce I’m speaking at your event through my email list and on my Q.
  5. I will customize slides in my presentation to help it align with your event.
  6. I’ll fly out, deliver an exciting presentation; then, we all go out for a drink to celebrate.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Improve productivity by allowing more time for planning
  2. Examine the employee journey the same way you would a customer
  3. It’s not about using 6 week cycles, it’s about being a leader and finding what’s best for your team

Building Culture through Productivity

A 30 minute planning and time management presentation to strengthen employee retention, increase productivity, and improve company culture. For both managers and employees, this new take on a results-oriented work environment looks at the emotional motivators behind why we work and our social responsibilities. The purpose of this presentation is to examine internal leadership and find new ways to strengthen planning efforts and company culture.

Attendees get:

  • Brain Dump Worksheet (PDF)
  • 6 Week Plan Layout (Google Sheet)
  • Weekly Planning Template (Google Sheet)
  • Daily Planning Worksheet (PDF)