A collection of guides & templates I use to help build real-world communities, improve corporate culture, and educate others.

For Culture & Productivity

My team works in, Basecamp inspired, 6 week cycles. This means we hyper-plan everything that needs to be accomplished within a set of 6 weeks — then we take off for 2 weeks. Off still means responding to emails and customer requests, but no planned meetings or required deliverables.

For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Establishing a single client can help open your team to new ideas. This method has been inspired by the Jobs Theory, conversion-based copy principles taught through ConversionXL.

"Joe did a terrific job presenting on user personas, made it interactive, and provided free resources on the web for attendees to take action. The talk really resonated with me and helped me get clear on establishing the ideal audience for my business."

- Benjamin Warsinske, Author & CEO of Branded World

For Meetup Group Organizers

The goals of a meetup group organizer are the same as those of any business. Get people to care about what you have and find effective ways to engage with the community you’ve created.

Books & Podcasts