Joseph Martin uses design and copywriting to help companies increase conversions. Most recently, he’s helped increase overall ticket sales an average of 42% for food tours around the world.

Social Media Platform for Events

A new kind of social media app that’s based around events instead of posts. Easily follow your favorite local comedian, the bar down the street, or your team’s hockey games.

The Q doesn't want you to spend hours inside the app. We want you to find something happening near you, then getting off your butt to go do it.

Start taking control of your events and create a beta account using the code: TacoTaco


Joe and his team created Tour & Event Websites — a pre-packaged, conversion-based website specifically for the tourism industry. The website admin area tells people what to write, while also limiting how much they can write.

6 months after launch it was acquired by Canadian-based ticketing company EzTix Event Ticketing LLC and changed to EzSites. This CRO focused approach is unique by applying tactics across an entire industry.

Quick Facts

  • 150 tours around the world use EzSites
  • 42% avg increase in gross ticket sales
  • 68% decrease in session times for booking
  • 28% increase in conversions on booking

EzSites Videos

Education & Networking Group

We provide sales and marketing focused workshops for established and budding entrepreneurs. Each month offers a different type of learning.

  • Presentations: 5min presentation on a single topic sales or marketing related
  • Panels: a team of panelists help to solve problems in real time.
  • Potlucks: 5 different local professionals each speaking for 5 minutes.
  • Planning: Study hall for adults and a chance to speak with industry professionals