6-Week Cycles Shows How Businesses Can Find The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Chicago Entrepreneur Joe Martin 6 Week Cycles

Joe Martin believes he’s found the secret to a perfect work-life balance.

The TedX speaker and entrepreneur is releasing a book called “6-Week Cycles,” which is available on Amazon.

The book describes how Martin and his employees successfully utilized cycles of working six weeks – while still taking weekends off -- and then taking two full weeks off for more than three years at his company, Martin Creative.

Martin, who regularly gives speeches and presentations across the world about work-life balance, believes implementing 6-week cycles into companies will create the following:

Increased Productivity: “By allowing time for goal setting and detailing project tasks, you'll find that you and your team move faster through tasks,” Martin said. “Implementing visualization techniques and talking through tasks helps employees and managers stay on task.”

Improved Company Culture: “More money is not a strong enough motivator for the millennial workforce,” Martin said. “But time off, the ability to work independently — see what this does for your team's morale. Would you work harder for six weeks knowing you get a break for two?”

A Changed World: “I want to see what happens when we start giving people time: time to take their kid out of school for the day go the zoo; time to get their home in order; time to have an impact in their community,” Martin said.

6-week cycles offers a new perspective on productivity, time management and understanding that family should always come first.

“6-week cycles offers a new perspective on productivity, time management and understanding that family should always come first,” said Martin, a Schiller Park native who now lives in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.

Martin, an East Leyden High School graduate who has degrees from Triton College and The Art Institutes, envisions 6-week cycles working well with tech startup companies as well as those that create digital products like basecamp and software-as-a-service companies.

He started using 6-week cycles at his own company, Martin Creative, in April 2016 when one of his employees was done with his work early Friday afternoon and Martin wondered why he couldn’t just let him leave early.

“I never let my employees take a breath and let them get away,” said Martin, who turns 38 years old on July 26.

Martin, who earns a comfortable six-figure salary utilizing 6-week cycles, was inspired to lead a more balanced life than his father, Michael, who has his own printing company but worked so many hours that many times he slept on a cot at the office.

Martin said his life is in perfect balance in terms of running a successful company, plus having time for playing hockey, performing music, and spending time with his girlfriend and their dog.

Martin, whose goal is to become a dad and teacher, said it’s time for others to start thinking the same way about work.

“We shouldn’t use time to measure an employee. It should be about results,” Martin said. “You need a work environment that allows you to get work done but also spend time with your family.”

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Joe Martin is a Chicago-based TedX speaker and experience designer with a love for making things simple. As the CEO of Martin Creative, he has spent the last 18 years gaining experience in business, marketing, and leadership. A seasoned entrepreneur, he now helps companies use digital products to build real-world communities. His book, 6-Week Cycles, pushes for a results oriented work environment which allows employees to work for six weeks and take off for two weeks. Joe's thoughts on culture, productivity, and design have been a part of Fox News, WCIU, WGN Radio, The Observer, and more.

He is an active voice in Chicago and founder of The Entrepreneur's Workshop, a 3,000+ member networking group. He has served as a mentor & judge for Google Startup Weekend events and worked directly with students through DePaul University's entrepreneurship program. An international speaker, he has given presentations at conferences, colleges, dev schools, high schools, business workshops, and recently served as the commencement speaker for The Art Institute Chicago Graduation Ceremony.

Learn more about Joe's journey on the About page.



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