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Author & entrepreneur with a fascination for time travel

My next book, The Freedom Miracle, helps entrepreneurs build miraculous teams, innovate for more business, and still find time to be with their family. If you know an entrepreneur doing incredible things through COVID-19, I’d love an introduction and the opportunity to quote them in my book.

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Sunday Night Planning

5pm CDT — 1hr interactive webinar to help entrepreneurs plan their week.

Go into Monday morning prepared for your week ahead instead of feeling overwhelmed. This is not a formal webinar presentation, it's a group hangout with friends to get control of your time.


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Try to give just a little more than you get in life

It will help you earn friendships and partnerships with incredible people around the world.

I would not be able to do as much as I do without help from brilliant friends and planning. Current projects include Martin Creative, Food Tour Marketing, 6-Week Cycles, The Q, Digital Guidebooks, Q Cards, Unique Wedding Slideshow, and The Entrepreneur’s Workshop.