Speaker. Designer.

Joe Martin is the founder of Martin Creative and creator of the Q. He and his team create design + content strategies for websites and apps. Learn their customer-focused approach to marketing in this 12-email series.

Writings and Interviews

Building Products to Bring People Together

Society has become engrossed in a digital-age and I fear we're starting to lose the value of real life interactions. Instead of experiencing the world, we're pulled into apps intentionally designed to serve as a digital nicotine in hopes of driving ad revenue.

My team and I look to work against this type of future by creating a:

Encouraging Real World Interactions

It’s important to understand the social impact an app/product can have on a group of people. My team and I look for ways to extend beyond the screen and into the real world. We’ve been able to do this by:

Speaking & Writing

Hosted a 2.5hr workshop on user personas at the Global Food Tourism Conference in Montreal, commencement speaker for The Art Institute of Chicago 2017 Graduation Ceremony, and regular host at The Entrepreneur's Workshop.