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Chicago-based entrepreneur, speaker, and designer with a love for making things simple. I send one email per month with developments on an app I'm creating called "The Q".

  • Dec 12, 2017     Loop, Chicago
    Idea Potluck Presentations
The Pikaia Story   40 mins + Q&A
Entrepreneurship focused presentation about the transition from a client-based web services company to a successful digital product company that was acquired in Oct 2016.

"It was great, very motivational and inspiring to NEVER GIVE UP and keep having dreams. It was a great way to hear how a real world company develops, and how there is no right or wrong way to doing business. I was very pleased, Joe was very engaging." - Chad S, Visual Designer
6 Week Cycles for Culture & Productivity   25 mins + Q&A
This planning and time management presentation explores how a results-oriented culture can strengthen employee retention, increase productivity, and improve your company culture. Leveraging psychological keystone habits, attendees leave with actionable worksheets to begin planning their own time.

"Joe was very passionate and his natural charisma shined through. Loved that he knew the material like the back of his hand, and insane credibility to be able to navigate that huge slide deck as flawlessly as he did." - Vince Carone, Vice President of Brew Your Skill
Fundamental Marketing: User Personas 101   40 mins + Q&A
Digital marketing centric presentation with a focus on understanding the person behind your marketing efforts. With this, organizations can see stronger SEO, higher email engagement, and a longer lifetime value.

"Joe did a terrific job presenting on user personas, made it interactive, and provided free resources on the web for attendees to take action. The talk really resonated with me and helped me get clear on establishing the ideal audience for my business." - Benjamin Warinske, Author & Speaker
Moonlight Graham: Time Travel Theory   15 mins
This motivational presentation was delivered to Art Institute Chicago's graduating class of 2017. As the commencement speaker, this presentation encouraged graduating students to create their own path in life. Correlating the idea to time travel, it's intended to help people recognize that the greatest super power we have is the ability to write our future.

"You were amazing. Everyone is singing your praises for the address you gave. Students loved it. Many went on and on about the visual presentation." - Keith Kramer, Institutional Dean of Student Affairs at The Art Institute - Chicago

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